Understanding Stress: Navigating the Biological Response

Stress is an inherent biological response to a perceived threat, triggering a cascade of chemicals and hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol throughout the body. This evolutionary adaptive mechanism, designed for immediate problem-solving in moments of danger, can, unfortunately, lead to a perpetual cycle of stress in modern life. Types of Stress: Common Manifestations of […]

How Conscious Awareness Improves Your Life & Relationships

Teaching individuals to observe their own minds and stay attuned to their inner workings is one of the most important skills I teach as a mental health therapist. Our lives often slip into autopilot, as highlighted in a 2010 Harvard study suggesting the average person spends nearly half their day on autopilot, their thoughts adrift. […]

How to Increase Your Happiness

I listened to the Rich Roll podcast yesterday with author and academic, Arthur C. Brooks. Brooks was sharing his knowledge and research (grounded in neuroscience) on happiness and how we can all be happier if we know what to do. He describes that happiness is not a destination, but a direction. First, he debunks western […]