It is the end of the school year which means a change in schedule and regular programming for many of us. Even if you aren’t impacted by the end of the school year, we are changing into a new season which means it is a perfect time to reflect and plan. I have been thinking about what helps us as we move into new times in our life to be intentional and create purposeful changes.

It is easy to let life happen to us. For those of us who struggle with people pleasing or saying no, it is super easy to fall into continuing old habits or patterns or tasks that are no longer serving us.

It’s true that not all the things we might want to leave behind are “bad.” In fact, they might be quite good, but anything we say “yes” to means we are saying “no” to something else. Therefore, let’s say our yesses with intentionality and purpose to make sure they are in alignment with what we currently need, value, and want for our lives and our people. 

The following questions can be a helpful starting point when we are considering what we want to pick up and what we want to leave behind in this new season.

·      What is important to me in this new season?

·      What do I want for myself and my people?

·      What do I need?

·      How do I want to feel?

·      What from this last season has been life giving?

·      What has been life draining?

·      What am I glad I said yes to?

·      What do I wish I would have said no to?

·      What am I doing that lines up with what I value?